Gareca does not declare and leaves an ironic message: “Now I can’t because of the virus, no”

Paolo Guerrero is in the eye of the storm this last week after having a party with a large number of people on New Years for his birthday, despite the rise in infections in the country. Ricardo Gareca returned to Peru this past Monday and indicated that “each one is the owner of taking care of his life”, words that were criticized on social networks.

However, the attitude of the Argentine strategist with the press changed this Wednesday, since he did not want to testify on his departure from La Videna. It should be remembered that the work with the Peruvian team has already begun because friendlies with Panama and Jamaica will be played at the end of the month. Then, the Bicolor will risk their lives in the new double date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

Canal N went to the exterior of the National Sports Village, in San Luis and wanted to get a few words from the Tigre, who answered sharply that he could not. What he said afterwards completely disconcerted everyone present, as he answered ironically: “Now I can’t precisely because of the virus, no. Much contagion again “.

Before Gareca, Paolo Guerrero came out, who was consulted about his party held for his 38 years, which was harshly criticized because celebrations were prohibited due to the imminent third wave of COVID-19, confirmed this Monday by the Minister of Health, Hernando Ceballos. The ‘Predator’ did not want to comment on the matter and said that it will pronounce itself in due course.

“You have to let the people run their lives. There is no need to panic, it is important that we begin to lead a normal life. Each one is the owner of taking care of his life. Let the people resolve their lives ”, were Gareca’s first statements upon arrival at the Jorge Chávez International Airport.