Gato Cuba enjoys his daughter to the fullest and they pose together after shouting his love for Ale Venturo [VIDEO]

It comes and goes. Rodrigo Cuba had a very difficult year after divorcing his ex-wife Melissa Paredes for ampay with a dancer and fight for the shared possession of their little daughter. However, the player is showing that everything would be finished and there would be a new opportunity in love with Alexandra Venturo.

Thus, the Sport Boys footballer once again shared the incredible chemistry he has with the minor by posing, giving the camera a kiss and putting the well-known hashtag “Mia and dad days“that you use when you share a story or photograph with your daughter.

The moment was recorded while they went to wash the car in the company of their mother, who poses smiling next to her granddaughter and her son. As we know, the Cuba cat He closed the year saying that this 2022 will be different because he will not have Mia, his daughter 24/7, but he will take advantage of every minute that he is close to her.

Also, on the first day of the year, the Peruvian player spent a day on the beach with his daughter and the businesswoman. Both were shown in public showing that they are quite close. However, no one imagined that the athlete is very serious about his new romance.

According to model Natalie Vértiz, her friend Alexandra venturo She could no longer talk to her because she was focused on her relationship with Rodrigo Cuba. He even stated that both are together all day. Now, the footballer returned to pull the glances after sharing a romantic message.

Through his official Instagram account, the athlete shared a message in which he implied that his destiny was to meet the Peruvian businesswoman. “It doesn’t matter who pulled the strings, whether it was chance or destiny, we both deserved each other,” the story reads.