Gato Cuba ignores criticism and enjoys his week with his daughter: “Mía y papa’s days” [VIDEO]

Peruvian soccer player Rodrigo Cuba was in the eye of the storm after he was publicly shown with his current partner Ale Venturo, but he ignores the comments against him and their relationship to take time to enjoy his time with his little girl, with whom he starred in a fun moment on his pool and inflatable day.

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Taking advantage of the fact that the sunny days have just begun, the national athlete shared with his thousands of followers through his social networks An important part of his day with his cocky, with whom he enjoyed a summer walk completely ignoring all the negative comments questioning him for allegedly not thinking of his minor for making his partner official.

It was via his stories on his official account of Instagram that the player of Sport boys He showed how well he has a good time with his little girl on a fun afternoon. The ex-husband of Melissa Paredes published a tender video in which he is seen playing with his daughter in a slippery pool while he sees them and hears them smile with joy.

“Days of Mía and papa”, was the short and only message with which Rodrigo Cuba described the emotional clip he starred in with his little daughter as part of their days together after starting joint tenure after his fleeting divorce with the former host of America Today.

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What did Ale Venturo say when asked if she is in love with Gato Cuba?

After words of praise from Rodrigo Cuba to Ale Venturo and living their love enjoying the sun and the beach, both confirm for the first time that they are in love. After several photographs together, romantic dedications and even family outings, the couple finally confirmed before the cameras of Amor y fuego that they are on their way to a formal relationship, much more than a simple summer love.

“How has Ale conquered you? Detailed the Kitten … Has he conquered you with the desserts from the Refrigerator, I imagine?”, The reporter from the entertainment program addressed with her microphone and camera Love and firequestion to which both the fit confectioner and the Peruvian soccer player responded with a forceful and strong: “Yes”, a phrase that was accompanied by a few hands up.