“Gato” Cuba makes the first touches of 2022 after shouting his love to the four winds for Ale Venturo [VIDEO]

Hold on everyone. Rodrigo Cuba made the first touches of 2022 after spending day one with Ale Venturo and shout his love from the rooftops for the businesswoman. Thus, the player was recorded so that his followers see his new changes.

As it is remembered, Rodrigo Cuba welcomed the New Year with his daughter Mia while his ex-wife Melissa Paredes did so with the ampay dancer, Anthony Aranda. However, the Sport Boys player was caught the next day with Alexandra Venturo walking on the beach.

Through your Instagram account, Rodrigo Cuba He shared a video where it is seen that he is undergoing a new look change to start this new year with everything.

As it is remembered, Rodrigo Cuba had a very difficult year after divorcing the former Miss Peru and fighting for the shared possession of his little daughter. However, the player is showing that he has already turned the page and gives himself a new opportunity in love with Alexandra Venturo.

According to model Natalie Vértiz, her friend Alexandra venturo She could no longer talk to her because she was focused on her relationship with Rodrigo Cuba. He even stated that both are together all day. Now, the footballer returned to pull the glances after sharing a romantic message.