Gato Cuba more in love than ever with Ale Venturo and praises her: “You are an excellent mother”

They are pure honey! El Gato Cuba is living a great moment with Ale Venturo after both made their romance official after being supported, and since then they have not stopped showing themselves together, both publicly and in social networks. For this reason, he does not stop shouting from the rooftops what he feels, in more than one plane.

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This time, everything was evidenced in the account of Instagram of the businesswoman. She decided to share with her followers a tender moment she spent with her daughter Aria playing in some curious plastic houses in the park, and the footballer could not fail to be present in the comments with an important message.

“I loved playing in these little houses,” was what he had written Ale Venturo as a description of the snapshot where he looks happy with his first-born, and Rodrigo Cuba She decided to show him how much she admires in her role as a mother with a romantic comment in view and patience of all netizens.

Without mincing words, the Cuba cat He told his girlfriend: “You are an excellent mother”, and she did not stop responding with a message of her own praising him for his paternity with his little Mia, the result of his ex-relationship with Melissa Paredes. “And you’re an excellent dad!” Said the young woman who owns a well-known healthy restaurant called La Nevera Fit.

Let’s remember that just a few days ago, Melissa Paredes He was surprised to pronounce on the relationship of his ex-husband, and avoided saying if he gave him the blessing, but he did admit that he did not know Ale Venturo, although at some point he even bought their desserts. Oops!

Melissa Paredes ‘throws flowers’ to Anthony Aranda and sends a hint to Gato Cuba: “He’s not a mother’s son”

In Women in command, Melissa Paredes She could not help but speak again about her happy romance with Anthony Aranda and revealed the qualities she possesses, which ended up completely falling in love with her. However, he mentioned it with such emotion that it seems he sent a hint to ‘Gato Cuba.

“He is super detailed, he knows what I like, that he is not a mother’s son who has to wait for things to be attended to. He takes the initiative. I love such an independent man who does his things that you do not have to be telling him. do this, the other. What laziness, “he said energetically.