“Gato” Cuba sends a romantic message to Ale Ventura after an interview with Melissa Paredes: “I love you” [FOTO]

Did it hurt? Rodrigo Cuba began this 2022 in love with Ale Venturo, however, after the interview that Melissa Paredes gave where she affirms romance with the ampay dancer, Anthony Aranda, stopped hints and wrote a romantic message to the businesswoman for the first time on her account Instagram.

As it is remembered, Rodrigo Cuba had a very difficult year after divorcing the former Miss Peru and fighting for the shared possession of his little daughter, Mia. However, the player is showing that he has already turned the page and gives himself a new opportunity in love with Alexandra venturo.

And, it is thus that through his Instagram account, the footballer did not hesitate to praise the last photograph shared by the enterprising woman to whom he shouted his love before the gaze of several followers. What did the Sport Boys player say to his new love?

“I love you,” wrote the popular “Cat” Cuba in the image that Ale Venturo published where it bears the description of “Always laughing china.” But, it is worth noting that this is done after his ex-wife appeared in an exclusive interview where she reveals that she has already been in love with Anthony Aranda for a month.

However, this declaration to the four winds of the Peruvian soccer player has not gone unnoticed by his followers as many gave him the blessing and said that “she is” the ideal woman for him and the youngest, daughter of Melissa Paredes. What else did the fans say?

“All because Melissa has already made your saw official”, “Poor kitty is hurt”, “Good luck”, “Another level, she is for you”, “Cheers for that”, “A good girl”, “Cat we are with you “,” Linda al natural without operations like the other one “, are some of the comments that are read in the postcard of the businesswoman.