Gato Cuba shows that Melissa’s words are slipping and praises Ale Venturo: “She is a great woman”

Enjoy your new stage. The renowned footballer Rodrigo Cuba showed that he already turned the page after ending his marriage with his ex-wife Melissa Paredes. Now, the popular Peruvian player is not afraid to shout his love from the rooftops to Ale Venturo.

However, no one imagined that the athlete would testify for the cameras of Love and fire, who captured the new couple in the middle of the beach along with their friends. Remember that lovers have turned a deaf ear to the controversial statements of the model.

As is known, Melissa Paredes told about the agreements she has with Rodrigo Cuba. “We have a specific schedule, both of them, each on their own, see their food, dress, school, the girl, he does not pay me a pension, I do not pay a pension to him (…) I have been working since I was 13 years old, I do not need of my ex’s money ”, he affirmed.

However, the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba was quite happy despite having the television cameras in front of him. Even the player said in front of everyone that he is extremely in love with Ale Venturo: “Look at her, she is a great woman,” he said.

Melissa says with ‘contempt’ that she does not know the Cat’s girlfriend but that she bought her desserts

He’s with those. Today, January 11, in the show program, Mujeres al Mando, Melissa Paredes appeared with everything and was sent with the real hints for friends and strangers. During the first part of the program, the former host of América Hoy said that she is now happy and was more than in love with Anthony Aranda, as she affirms that everything changed.

It should be remembered that yesterday, January 10, former partner of Ethel Pozo She argued that the dancer saved her in every possible way, as her love encouraged her to keep going despite the scandal.