Gato Cuba speaks out against rumors of reconciliation with Ale Venturo: “We are parents and they will see us together”

Last Friday Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo were captured together by Magaly Medina’s cameras at the exit of a financial establishment. Given this, the rumors of a reconciliation began to sprout and more because of the silence they kept before the reporter’s questions. However, the player decided to refer for the first time on the subject.

He did so through a message that he sent to the journalist Samuel Suárez, director of the Instarándula portal. As you remember, venture He was the one who confirmed that his sentimental bond with Rodrigo it was broken by an apparent infidelity of him. However, days later Cuba was supported with Gianella Rázuri at a night party.

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What did Rodrigo Cuba say to Samuel Suárez?

The popular ‘Cat‘ used his social networks with the purpose of sticking the clarification corresponding to his situation with the businesswoman. Fact that led him to resort to the acquaintance ‘Samu‘ and message, ruling out any kind of new romance with the mother of his newborn, whom he seeks to protect from questioning.

Author: Instarandula

“‘Samu’, I’ve just seen everything and the last thing I want is an unnecessary load on Ale (Venturo). At no time have I said ‘love’ to him at the bank. We are parents and they will always see us looking for the best for our baby” , manifested Rodrigo Cuba through your official account instagram to the Instarandula portal.

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Magaly Medina advises Ale Venturo to prioritize the daughter she has with Rodrigo Cuba

During the night of Friday, June 9, Magaly Medina had a few words for Ale Venturo after seeing the images captured by her reporters where she is seen leaving a financial establishment with Rodrigo Cuba.

The driver took advantage of her cameras and left a message for the businesswoman, emphasizing that she prioritize her daughter first and make things clear.

“Ale Venturo has to have things clear. Now start thinking about her daughter, much more about her and start working on those mental and emotional gaps that led her to a relationship where she played the role of ‘lifeguard'”.

In the same way, the popular ‘magpie’ pointed out to venture that it has to be cleared, changed and renewed in order to overcome its episode with the sport boys player and look at a person other than him.

“When you play the role of ‘lifeguard’, something is wrong with you. She has to renew herself, she has to grow, help herself to get out of those patterns so that she herself attracts a worthwhile man, the effort and hopes”