Gato Cuba took the daughter of Melissa Paredes to the birthday of her new mother-in-law, mother of Ale Venturo

He had everyone’s forgiveness. cuban cat He was in the eye of the storm after the dissemination of images in which he appears affectionately dancing with a young girl in a Piura nightclub, despite being in a relationship with Ale Venturo, who is expecting his child. However, it seems that the businesswoman and her entire family have overlooked this incident.

o0YOU CAN SEE: Pink Panther blocks Rodrigo González after ampaying ‘Gato’ Cuba [VIDEO]

And it is that this was demonstrated at the opening of the fifth cafeteria of ‘La Nevera Fit’ that belongs to the ‘blonde’, where the footballer and his mother were present and shared all moments together as if nothing had happened.

Everything does not stop there, since the player dand Sport Boys He would have been invited to his mother-in-law’s birthday on October 6, where he was not alone but accompanied by his little daughter, the fruit of his relationship with Melissa Paredes. So it was possible to know after seeing an Instagram story shared by Fernando Venturo, Ale’s brother.

How can you appreciate the smugness of the Cat and the now participant of The big show is singing ‘Happy Birthday’ with Ale Venturo’s daughter. In addition, both accompanied the lady to blow out the candles.

It should be noted that both Melissa Paredes and the soccer player can now approach their daughter after lifting the protective measures that prevented it.

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Pink Panther blocks Rodrigo González after ampaying ‘Gato’ Cuba

Clear things up. After the ampay of Rodrigo Cuba in a nightclub in Piura, very affectionate with a young girl, broadcast by the program ‘Amor y Fuego’, the Pink Panther of Sport Boys ‘squared’ the driver Rodrigo González. What happened?

This ampay of Rodrigo Cuba and a woman who is not his current partner Ale Venturo thad divided opinions. On the one hand, there were people who crucified him, confronted him and insulted him online. However, other people, like the pink fans, defended him.

Rodrigo Cuba was sheltered at a party with a young girl