Gato Cuba’s father speaks about his son’s relationship with Ale Venturo: “I see him happy”

He broke his silence. Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo live their love to the fullest, because they do not hesitate to share every moment they spend together as a couple. It was even said that the footballer’s father would have approved this relationship since the young businesswoman seems to him the ideal woman for his son.

Women in command managed to contact Gato’s father and find out if he really ‘gives his blessing’ to the athlete’s new romance after his abrupt separation from Melisssa Paredes.

Jorge Cuba She pointed out that she perceives that her son is very happy with her and that she found out about their departures through the media, who repeatedly supported them together.

“I see my son happy. I know about that relationship from what has come out in the media, I have seen in the media that videos and photos have come out. He looks happy, I can comment on what I have seen. I see it happy to my son, “he said.

When asked if Ale Venturo was officially introduced to the family, he did not want to elaborate. “I can not say anything about it,” he sentenced.

Melissa Paredes reveals that she does not know Gato Cuba’s girlfriend but that she did buy her desserts

Melissa Paredes said that she does not know Ale Venturo in person, but that at some point she bought the desserts that her business sells without knowing that it belonged to her.