General Manager of Jockey Club CALLS Magaly LIVE and clarifies that she does not rent Arena Peru: “False, it does not belong to us” [VIDEO]

The television host Magaly Medina was totally obfuscated by the risk that those attending the concerts of Juan Luis Guerra in the Arena Peru, all because of the overselling of tickets. La ‘Urraca’ pointed out that these lands belong to the Jockey Club of Peru and events are always held at its premises that bring together thousands of people.

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“There are many people who are regretting that they have bought for the Juan Luis Guerra concert that they are going to be canceled at the Arena Plaza (…) Techito in part of his campaign said that he was going to close all these places that are operating within the Jockey Club ground and that week after week they do a concert”, began his program La Urraca quite indignant.

At one point the production told her that Miguel Florez Bahamonte, general manager of Jockey Club, wanted to communicate LIVE and she, puzzled, accepted, although she made it clear that they are not a current affairs program. “The Hockey Manager wants to make a statement and what kind of statement does he want to give. We are not a newscaster, we are dealing from the angle of entertainment and security,” she said.

The general manager of jockey club He denied it and clarified that his company does not own these premises. “We do not rent, it is false. The land where they are located belongs to the Portalia company. We do not have to do anything with these premises. They are the ones who rent the land. These lands do not belong to the Jockey Club,” she declared. “It is convenient to inform properly,” she stressed.

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Juan Luis Guerra’s concert organizer only had permission for 9,000 attendees and allowed 14,000 to enter

The organizer of the concert Juan Luis Guerra in Peru It oversold tickets, since it only had permission to pass 9,000 attendees to the event and not 14,000 as it really happened, which caused hundreds of people to stay outside the facilities.

For this reason, the Municipality of Surco and Arena Perú have only fined him 4,600 soles and 2,300 soles respectively.