General manager of the Jockey Club on Arena Perú: “These lands do not belong to the Jockey”

The Sand Peru It was closed on Wednesday, November 23 by the Municipality of Surco. The concert venue closed its doors until further notice despite the fact that that same day the singer Juan Luis Guerra was going to perform, who came to Peru to give two shows and meet his Peruvian fans again.

According to the Surco Inspection authorities, on Tuesday, November 22, the organizers brought in more people than the capacity allowed, which caused the number of attendees to exceed. Only the entry of 9,000 citizens but at the end of the show more than 14,000 were counted inside the premises.

In addition, dozens of fans of Juan Luis Guerra denounced that they had their tickets listed but could not see the show due to excess capacity.

The host Magaly Medina criticized the organizers of the event and the owners of the Arena Perú for having put the integrity of the concert attendees at risk. At one point, she referred to the Jockey Club, which caused the general manager of that company to call her in full live program.

Migue Flores, representative of the Jockey Club, clarified that the Arena Peru belongs to another company, so he distanced himself from the controversy. “Are you the ones who rent the venue from Arena Perú?” asked the presenter. “It’s false. The grounds of the Arena Perú, like the eastern esplanade, are owned by the company Portalia which also rents the land from Jockey Plaza. These lands do not belong to the Jockey Club. I think it is convenient to inform adequately ”, she asserted.