Génesis Tapia denounced his ex-partner for not paying support and he replies: “Where am I going to get 6 thousand soles?”

In the last edition of ‘Love and Fire‘, The lawyer Genesis Tapia He assures that he is taking legal proceedings against his ex-partner Raymundo Van Hemelrijck, whom he denounced for not paying the support of his 9-year-old daughter. The lawyer told the drivers Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter that her little girl’s father is not present in her girl’s life and that he fails to fulfill his role as a father, in addition to refusing to make the corresponding deposits for the minor.

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At first, she came to the front after hearing that Raymundo Van Hemelrijck make sure that he does pass the pension to his daughter. And it is that, his ex-partner swears that she did make deposits, but amounts that he can spend and not what corresponds to him by law, because in the first instance he should pay 6 thousand soles per month. “Where am I going to get 6 thousand soles?” Raymundo expressed to the program ‘Love and fire’. Given this, Genesis came forward and denied it by showing the exorbitant expenses he has with other relatives and that he even bought a BMW for his eldest son.

In addition, Génesis assured that he, during his daughter’s 9 years, has come and gone, disappearing. “The last time he disappeared for a year, before coming back in the 2021 to my daughter’s life. She was disappearing not only emotionally, but also financially. I never sued him because in reality I didn’t want any more problems (…) So, I sued him for food in the first instance and he, like you, wanted to surprise the judge’s judiciary by saying that he was up to date “He expressed after hearing his justifications.

Likewise, she specified that he tried to “deny” her by saying that he did make payments, but that is not true, since they did not enter the account he created for his girl. “He presented a voucher to another person, on someone else’s account, it was not my account, I mentioned it to the judge at the hearing (…) Now we have had the second instance hearing, he wanted to surprise that he is up to date, but I showed the entire report from Banco de la Nación, he cannot lie (…)

Finally, he asserted that he has no interest in seeing his little girl. “Other than that, he doesn’t even have the slightest intention of communicating with my daughter, the last time she communicated it was to speak ill of me,” he said. Meanwhile, she specified that he he blocked his sona of social networks on Father’s Day and that her little girl is undergoing therapy to understand the situation she is going through after living without her father’s presence. Likewise, she assures that she will sue him for omission of family assistance.

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