Génesis Tapia remembers her romance with Erick Varias LIVE: “He likes to be tamed” [VIDEO]

They sent everything. In the last sequence of Mujeres al Mando, the popular Génesis Tapia was reunited with her former partner in Welcome the Afternoon, Erick Various.

It should be remembered that this couple was linked in those times when the aforementioned program was still going on open television in the Latina Channel.

Despite the fact that after the program, each one made his life, so far they show they get along very well because Genesis does not lose the spark and continues to treat his faithful friend very affectionately, he even said: “He likes to be tamed”, killing laugh at all.

Génesis Tapia explains what happened to Erick Varias

As we mentioned before, this couple was linked not only sentimentally, they also had several fights live, however today, they show that friendship stands out.

This bond they share was observed by the hosts of Mujeres al Mando, who did not hesitate to ask if there was ever something, since they saw them very happy next to each other.

Genesis stated that he got along very well with Erick, despite this the character of each one always played a trick on them and also that the kisses that were given were all part of a performance.

For his part, Erick maintained that the model’s personality caught his attention and that was the first thing he loved about her.