Génesis Tapia reveals to have suffered a severe depression: “The stress overwhelmed me”

Genesis Tapia He used his social networks to share the hard time he has had to live in recent days. The former television figure surprised more than one by revealing that he went through a strong depression picture as a result of the constant stress that he faces every day.

“I pass by to tell you that I was going through very strong days, with a terrible depression, which manifested itself with discomfort in my body. The stress surpassed the limits and I fell apart, and I am not ashamed to say it, I am a human being ”, he was heard saying to Genesis on their Instagram stories.

The former reality girl made it clear that she wanted to tell her experience to serve as an example to users who are also facing hard times.

“I share them so that you know that it is not wrong to stop, cry whatever you have to cry, find yourself with God and yourself and move forward with more force,” he said.

After referring to what happened, Genesis She detailed what were the reasons that led her to break down emotionally.

“I have a lot of burden, I have my children, my husband, my job, my studies, my training, my dad who, although it is true, overcame cancer (sic),” he began by explaining.

The model emphasized taking care of her father, as she assured that this was what caused her the most work and in which she received the least support.

“My father has four children, but they all disappeared and the one who remained was me and I have had the disease that was very hard emotionally and financially,” he commented. Wall.

“Now the healing process, which is also being difficult, I carry everything on my own. So, I already collapsed and fell apart; I cried everything I had to cry, I got sick everything I had to get sick and now I’m here, trying to get up again, “he concluded.