Génesis Tapia tells of her experience of being disappointed while pregnant: “It causes harm to babies”

surprised. Through her official Instagram account, the ex-reality girl and future lawyer, Génesis Tapia, opened up and revealed how painful situations that she suffered at the time of her pregnancy ended up affecting her babies. She apparently wanted to show that during pregnancy, what a woman should receive is only love.

“And if I share my experience with you, it is so that those who are going through or want to go through a pregnancy do not underestimate this beautiful stage,” he began writing. Genesis Tapiawho later delimited the painful situation that she experienced while pregnant and that later affected their respective creatures.

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“Sometimes we focus so much on our pain that we forget that in our womb we house the love of our life, do not let other people’s circumstances, such as infidelity, lack of love or abandonment (a situation that I went through) take away the happiness of this wonderful stage,” he added Genesis Tapia.

Subsequently, the exchica reality Genesis Tapia He revealed the different complications that his children had when they were babies and also noted that only his daughter, with whom he had a pregnancy full of love, had no future problems. “Arabella was the only daughter who was born without any complications and it is because it was the only pregnancy for which I had a lot of love and understanding. Hold on tight to God and fight for yourselves and for your children. May God bless you.”

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What did Génesis Tapia say about his teachers?

During an interview, Genesis Tapia revealed that teachers ended up recognizing her for having been on television and at some point they thought she would be controversial just as she was on the screens.

It is so Genesis Tapia recounted one of her experiences: “There were moments in face-to-face classes when the teachers came in, some smiled at me saying: ‘I recognized you with my eyes’. And others said: ‘I’m sure she’s relaxed, she’s going to cause problems’. So this never happened. It was a problem for me, because the position you take in life and how you face situations is very important.”