Génesis Tapia to Dorita after complaint of assault: “The family is not made with a man next to them”

United women. A few days ago it was learned that the famous models and businesswoman Dorita Orbegoso denounced the father of her son for physical and psychological aggression.

Faced with this unfortunate and outrageous case, Génesis Tapia gives her helping hand to Dorita Orbegoso and sent her strong advice, because for her, her son needs her whole.

“I fully sympathize with her. It is important that women unite in this type of situation, because when one is a victim of psychological or physical abuse… one feels alone and helpless because that is what the aggressor makes you believe, so my total solidarity with Dorita ”, said.

“I applaud your courage to report and seek justice. Her strength will be her little son, I know how much she has wanted to be a mother and form her family, but as I wrote, the family is not made with a man next to you, but next to your children and especially having your peace, ”he added with his hand on his chest.

Génesis Tapia forgets the fights with Dorita Orbegoso

It is worth remembering that Genesis and Dorita They are not precisely the best of friends, however, the redhead left the dimes and diretes behind in order to support the model.

“I sent him a message giving him words that I prefer to keep internal. We are not friends, but the discrepancies that have arisen due to our work … are in the past, the years do not pass in vain ”, she added.

“I don’t have time to fight, I’m so busy doing productive things for my future and that of my children that I don’t have time to fight or argue, especially when this type of thing happens and having been a victim of this type of abuse. The most humane thing is to show solidarity and let her know that she is not alone, ”she declared for El Trome.