Génnesis, daughter of Andrés Hurtado, surprises after making a radical change to her mother [VIDEO]

The influencer Génnesis Hurtado is living a great moment at a professional level despite her young age of 21 years. As is known, the young woman has managed to succeed abroad like her sister Jossety Hurtado to work hand in hand with several exclusive brands.

As is known, the aforementioned influencer is the youngest daughter of the driver Andrés Hurtado and resides only in U.S next to his mom Marilú. It should be noted that the young Peruvian woman has surprised everyone by being the image of a well-known Hot Topic clothing brand.

Now, Genesis Hurtado He shocked his thousands of followers of his official Instagram account by sharing a video showing the great transformation he made to his mother for Christmas dinner. Once again, she demonstrated her great makeup skills.

“You are amazing (you are amazing) the 2 divine beauties”, commented her sister Josetty Hurtado in her publication clearly excited to see her mother and sister together. Let’s remember that the actress also spent the Christmas holidays in the expensive city of Dubai.

Andrés Hurtado shocks his daughter Génnesis on her birthday with a request: “Don’t have a boyfriend or get married”

Surprised! The television host Andrés Hurtado has proven to be a rather choppy father with his three daughters, therefore, he does not let any of his birthdays go unnoticed. Now, he sent a long greeting to his daughter Génnesis for her birthday.

“Soon I will hug you, the circumstances of our jobs and the remoteness of the countries do not allow us to hug each other, but God will give the opportunity to have you close. I always told them: to survive, first is work, second is work, third is work. work, the family is from there … because love you will NEVER have. Precious daughter, do not have a boyfriend or marry like your sister josetty1 BUT I DIE “, he added.