George Floyd’s niece is shot and wounded after shooting at her home in Texas

George Floyd’s 4-year-old niece was shot while sleeping. The atrocious event occurred at 02.55 (US time) on January 1 in his apartment in Houston, in the state of Texas (USA), according to ABC 13.

According to a statement from the Houston Police Department, the suspects fired several shots in the direction of the family’s home. Inside it were four adults and two minors, including the girl.

“My daughter jumped up and said, ‘Dad, they shot me.’ And I was stunned until I saw blood and realized that my 4-year-old daughter was actually shot, ”said the father. “She didn’t understand what was happening. I was sleeping, ”he explained.

The bullets reached the torso of the minor, who slept in her room located on the second floor. Her parents rushed her to the nearest hospital, where she was able to undergo emergency surgery.

Delane, the father, said the girl has a perforated lung and liver. Also, his ribs are broken. He also says he is sure that the attackers planned the attack on his house: “An intentional attack.”

He also denounced that the agents did not go to the scene of the event until 07:00, four hours after the shooting.

Troy Finner, chief of the local police, has indicated that he has opened an internal investigation into the delay of the uniformed men to the scene.

George Floyd, the victim’s uncle, died on May 25, 2020 when a police officer immobilized him by placing his knee on his neck for at least 8 minutes. The man complained that he was unable to breathe, but the officer continued his assault, resulting in his death. As a result, the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum around the world with millions of people supporting the cause.