Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía in crisis?: “He feels very committed to her, to the family, with great sadness”

The couple of the moment Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía have become one of the most solid in international entertainment. According to Spanish media, they have achieved the stability they were looking for after Shakira moved to Miami with his kids. However, this happiness will not last for long because a seer has made a prediction about this relationship that would make her falter. What is really going on?

The ‘Niño Prodigio’ in his podcast indicated predictions where he assures that in this romance “there is no love” and that “there are many hidden things in their union.” And it is that he hinted that for the cameras they try to show that everything is going ‘pink’, but that is not how they are living with all the media wave that they have carried in these months.

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For the seer, they have no future as a couple and many more details will be revealed in the coming weeks. He also pointed out that the former soccer player feels a very strong commitment to the 23-year-old girl and her family, so he is sorry to get away from her, but rules out that there is love from her.

“They are both Aquarius, he likes Aquarians. A lot of commitment, there is no love, he feels very committed to her. My being begins to speak to me and the energy that I feel is commitment, that is a little dangerous, he feels very committed, with her, with her family, with a lot of grief, “he said.

Niño Prodigio did not give a date on when they will separate, but stressed that the former Barcelona member is thinking his decision very carefully since he feels guilty for the media harassment that his current partner experienced after being designated as the third in discord in their relationship with Shakira.

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Shakira and the strong condition for Clara Chía Marti not to approach her children

Shakira in the agreements she had with Gerard Piqué for the custody of her children would have placed a strong condition to prevent her current partner Clara Chía Marti from approaching her conceited ones. What did the footballer’s lawyer say about it?

The lawyer ruled out this possibility. “That I can deny you outright. It is false, I have heard that too, but it is not true, ”he pointed out. However, he indicated that they should ask the Colombian singer but that he does not see any problem with it.