Gerard Piqué annoyed by Shakira’s recent statements about their separation

After their controversial separation, Shakira He decided to speak for the first time about his breakup with Gerard Piqué in an exclusive interview with Elle magazine, in which he revealed how hard it is to face this process and how he is managing the situation so as not to affect his children. During the conversation, the barranquillera surprised with her statements, in which she said that she sacrificed her career for her relationship and that she “is living the darkest stage of her life.”

Apparently, these statements annoyed the soccer player because he thinks that the singer is taking advantage of the situation to leave him in a bad way.

According to La Vanguardia, sources close to Gerard Piqué revealed that he is very upset by Shakira’s statements because they are making him look bad. According to what is mentioned, the soccer player imagined that this was going to happen, but he did not expect his children to be involved in it.

What has seemed deeply unfair to her is the subtle use of the two minors in her defense: between the lines it is easy to read that if she is a present mother, the father is not so much. And it doesn’t happen there. Everyone who knows him knows that, no matter how many nights he has gone out for drinks, he has always combined the lawn with the company, but also with taking care of his family: he takes them to school, to extracurricular activities, on trips and spends with them all the time he is not working,” the article reads.

“Piqué believes that Shakira uses a language of inverse implications. That is, while someone behaves in an exemplary way, the other is at the opposite end of such behavior”, the reading continues.

Likewise, the possibility of Gerard Piqué giving an interview to pronounce on his separation from Shakira, after his infidelity scandal, was also ruled out.

“He does not plan to do so, at least for the moment and until the custody of Milan and Sasha is decided.”