Gerard Piqué breaks his silence on Shakira’s “Acrostic” and has a striking reaction: “Ask Ibai”

What happened? Gerard Piqué has been causing people to talk for a few months, as Shakira has been releasing songs about his breakup after almost 12 years of sentimental relationship.

This has led to both being involved in bickering, and this has been happening again after the premiere of “Acrostic”.

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The video of the last song of the Colombian is on everyone’s lips because the children of both appear, Milan and Sasha.

For this reason, many have wanted to know the opinion of the exfutbolista of the FC Barcelona And now he finally ruled on it, after speculation that he could seek to sue his ex-partner for exposing minors.

It all happened in Barcelona, ​​Spain, yesterday, Wednesday, May 24. The papparazzi caught Gerard Piqué next to his friend and Kings League partner, Ibai Llanos, who has spoken in favor of “Acrostic” on more than one occasion due to the lyrics of the song and the participation of the little ones.

On this occasion, the former athlete showed a kinder face, compared to other times when he has been seen with his girlfriend Clara Chía Marti.

“Tell us something, did the video for “Acrostic” take you by surprise? Did you know that this video was going to come out?” Was one of the questions from a journalist. At the same time, the reporter Jordi Martín questioned him about the alleged existence of a series of messages with which he apparently thought of blackmailing his ex. “The news came out that you could have some messages that could compromise Shakira,” he said.

Hearing this after having gone out to eat with Ibai Llanos, Gerard Piqué He was surprised with his response when asked about the Shakira clip where his children appear, and he “passed the duck” to his friend.

“Ask Ibai”, was the answer he gave as he walked and smiled, almost as if he were laughing. In this way, she avoided giving a blunt opinion and gave the pass to someone who has already spoken on several occasions on the subject.

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Gerard Piqué remains firm with Clara Chía Marti

It should be noted that days before, Gerard Piqué was captured by the papparazzi Jordi Martín when he looked very affectionate and smiling with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

The two walked together through the streets of Barcelona, ​​showing that, for the moment, they are focused on their love relationship and they remain firm as a couple.

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Shakira is accused of plagiarism

paula mattheus He pointed out that Shakira’s theme, “Acrostic” resembles one of her songs, and this is not the first time that she has been accused of plagiarism. The singer has also been charged for previous songs. The most recent of hers was her famous session with Bizarrap, “BZRP: Music Session #53”in which it was indicated that the chorus was very similar to that of another singer of lesser recognition.

In this case, it was the Venezuelan singer Briellawho also shared in his social networks, a video explaining what he thought Gerard Piqué’s ex-partner He had been inspired by his song ‘Solo tú’, at least for the chorus part, including lyrics and melody, and he even considered suing her. Despite her words, finally this did not happen to majors.

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What did Gerard Piqué’s lawyer say about a clause that Shakira put in?

According to Europa Press, the lawyer Ramon Drummer denied an alleged agreement and specified that there would be no reason to deny that Gerard Piqué’s children are related to Clara Chia. “There is a lot of talk that Shakira in the agreement would have forbidden Gerard Piqué for the children to meet Clara Chía, is that true?” Was the question they asked him.

“I can deny you that outright. It’s false, I’ve heard that too, but it’s not true. (…) I can’t tell her about that, I would have to ask her, but I don’t see any reason why she shouldn’t know. Do it, I don’t see any problem for you,” said the lawyer, evidencing that there is no agreement on the subject.

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This was the reunion between Shakira and Bizarrap

Shakira and the music producer bizarre met in Miami for the first time after their hit “BZRP Music Session #53”, at the restaurant run by none other than Bad Bunny.

Their evidence was the photographs shared by the Barranquillera in social networks. The Colombian artist and the Argentine record label were very smiling and happy to see each other again after launching her song, as well as the presentation with Jimmy Fallon.