Gerard Piqué would still keep Shakira’s awards in his office: A video that shows it goes viral on Tiktok

The ex-footballer Gerard Piqué is at his best with Clara Chía Marti, with whom he began a relationship immediately after announcing his breakup with Shakira. Now the Catalan shows off with her girlfriend at all the social events of her family and friends, showing that the love he has for her is immense and he doesn’t care what they say about her.

Let’s remember that the mother of her children decided to start a new life in miamand away from all the media scandal that haunted her after separating from him. However, despite this, there is still an issue that he has to solve with her due to the fact that she is conceited.

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Meanwhile, he enjoys his romance with the public relations officer, but the memory of ‘Shaki’ it would still remain intact, despite all the problems that may exist between them. And it is that in TikTok A video that the ex-soccer player recorded from his office is going viral, where it is evident that he still has his ex’s belongings.

As can be seen in the clip, the former soccer player has some trophies on a shelf that would belong to the Colombian artist, one of them from when he was part of the NRJ Music Awards. Some even noticed that he also has her perfumes and other accessories.

“He still hasn’t returned some of his awards to Shakira… One of the NRJ Music Awards is still in his office,” it is heard. “Everything talking about the prize and I seeing Shakira’s perfumes”, “It’s just that he never won one”, “Everyone talking about the prizes and I seeing that he has a photo of Shakira behind him”, “If he returns it, he leaves the bookshelf”, are the comments of netizens.

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Carlos Vives is accused of being a “traitor” in networks for liking Gerard Piqué’s post with Clara Chía Marti

Carlos Vives received a lot of criticism after reacting to one of Gerard Piqué’s publications where he appeared with Clara Chía Marti. And it is that everyone knows that he is the friend of the Colombian singer, so they did not forgive him for it. However, he later decided to remove the like.

“Carlos Vives, who is supposed to be close to Shakira, gave him like to the photo of Pique and the girlfriend. Not even Judas dared so much ”,“ Carlos Vives gave him “likes”, were the comments he received.