Gerardo Ameli considers that it would be unfair for League 1 to be played again in Lima

Every time there is less to the start of the League 1 Betsson 2022. However, there have been several cases of soccer players infected with COVID-19 in recent days. Gerardo Ameli, technician of Scienceno He referred to the possibility that the tournament will be played again in Lima before the advance of the third wave of the coronavirus in our country.

“If the whole tournament has to be played in Lima again because of this issue of the third wave, I consider that some considerations should be sought so that the matter is fairer” the Argentine strategist indicated during an interview with RPP.

On the other hand, Gerardo Ameli spoke about the present of Scienceno and noted that he hopes to consolidate his game idea before his debut in the League 1. “We are in the process of assembling the team, not by proper names but collectively and we know that we have a little more than two weeks left for the first official game.”

Finally, he stated that they are preparing for the presentation match against Sport Boys del Callao which will take place on Sunday, January 9 from 3:00 pm. “The presentation match will be against a hierarchical rival like Sport Boys, we have also been preparing for that.”

Scienceno will face the Academia Cantolao on the first date of the League 1 Betsson 2022. The meeting will be played in the city of Cusco and will be attended by the public in the stands.