Germán Leguía on Gregorio Pérez: “He is a great coach who should never have left”

During the last part of the 2021 season, Universitario de Deportes lived one of its best moments by adding 21 points out of 24 possible. The man in charge of this great campaign was the coach Gregorio perez who assumed command after the departure of Ángel Comizzo due to poor results. What was done by the Uruguayan coach was highlighted by different football characters. One of them is Germán Leguía.

The former footballer of the cream team referred to the 70-year-old strategist, who managed to take the ‘U’ to the previous phase of the Libertadores Cup which was very far when he assumed the reins of the team. Precisely, about this international tournament, Leguía showed confidence that the squad will perform well.

“Gregorio Pérez is a great coach who should never have left. In the Copa Libertadores it is difficult to face teams that have power or a strong wallet, such as the Brazilians, River Plate, Barcelona de Guayaquil. The ‘U’ is getting better. We have the shirt and we are going to fight it ”, declared to Radio Ovation.

In another time, German Leguía was consulted about the implementation of the bag of minutes in the 2022 season. Briefly, the ex-footballer was against this measure.

“The Stock Market should never have existed. It does not exist anywhere in the world where soccer is successful. You put the boys in because they are the best. It is ugly for a boy to use it out of necessity ”, he concluded.