Ghanaian player tries to celebrate his goal like Cristiano, but it doesn’t come out

They couldn’t match the ‘Siu’! Portugal vs. Ghana It is already called one of the best matches of the World Cup. And it is that the team led by Cristiano Ronaldo it looked like it was going to easily beat the Ghanaian. However, for each goal, the African squad responded with the same goal.

But, despite almost taking advantage of a mistake by the opposing goalkeeper at the end, Ghana could not overcome the 3 to 2. In one of those goals, it turned out that the player Osman Bukari tried to make the classic celebration of ‘CR7′, in which he jumps, turns his back and yells ‘Yes’ (although many people hear it as ‘Yeah’).

Osman Bukari he scored Ghana’s second goal against Portugal. Then, he had no better idea to ‘sting’ the other team than to approach the public, jump and be flipped like Cristiano Ronaldo.

It didn’t exactly work out for him, though: When Bukari jumped up to turn his back on the audience, he didn’t hang intimidatingly to the ground like Cristiano Ronaldo but stumbled backwards.

To this, Cristiano Ronaldo he was not indifferent. During the match, ‘CR7’ had different emotions, and, at the moment of his imitated celebration, he seemed to reveal a certain annoyance, although this could also be due to the goal that Ghana scored against them.

However, the annoyance did not last, since Portugal beat Ghana. Despite this, the Ghanaian team has been seen with new eyes, since they were able to be on par for a long time in the match with the Portuguese team. What will the World Cup bring to these two teams?