Gian Marco with a Pandora?: Who is Isabel Lascurain and how did they meet

Gian Marco Zignaco is on everyone’s lips and there is a reason: it turns out that he has been linked to Isabel Lascurain, a member of the pandora group. According to the famous Mexican magazine TV y Notas. Both are now single and according to a friend of the singer, “Cupid” would have dated them.

YOU CAN SEE: Gian Marco in love? He would have a relationship with Isabel Lascurain from Pandora, according to magazine [FOTO]

According to this source, Gian Marco I would be letting things flow by themselves, while Isabel Lascurain She would be very excited, because she did not imagine that at her age and after a divorce, love could knock on her door again. In this note from El Popular we tell you who is the woman who would be falling in love with the Peruvian singer-songwriter and how they would have met.

Who is Isabel Lascurain, who is linked to Gian Marco?

Isabel Lascurain is one of the singers of the famous Mexican group Pandora. She is currently 62 years old and is the daughter of Mr. Alfund Lascurain and Doña Nohemí Arrigunaga. In addition, although she has dedicated a large part of her life to music, she is a communicator by profession.

Isabel Lascurain He studied journalism at the Carlos Septién García School of Journalism, however in 1981 he formed the trio ‘Trebol’ together with his sister Mayte Lascurain and his friend Fernanda Meade; and just three years later the Pandora Group was born after being listened to by the producer Luis Moyano and signing a contract with the EMI Capitol label.

About Isabel Lascurain It is known that she married actor José Luis Santander on September 11, 1998, however, in early November 2020, she announced their separation after 22 years of marriage. Through her networks, she asked for respect and ruled out that she was due to infidelity.

On the other hand, thanks to the fact that she is a communicator by profession, she hosted the program “Netas Divinas” on Televisa, has been a teacher in the first season of the television program Singing for a Dream and has her own YouTube channel under her name.

How would Gian Marco and Isabel Lascurain have met?

The closeness between Gian Marco and Isabel Lascurain it is not recent. They have known each other for more than 25 years and even the Mexican magazine Tv y Notas revealed that they are very good friends. “One of her friends tells us that the lucky one is Gian Marco, 51, whom she has known for more than 25 years, since they have worked together,” reads the first paragraph of the note.

The truth is Gian Marco Yes, he has been seen on several occasions with Isabel Lascurain thanks to the music. In the 90s, the Peruvian began to compose songs for Pandora and since then they have become good friends.

In addition, in 2010 Pandora gave a concert and had the Peruvian singer-songwriter as a special guest. On that occasion Gian Marco He gave them the song “Meanwhile” and recognized the support they gave him. “Thank you Pandora because in 1997 it was the first time that three wonderful people gave me the opportunity to enter an album as an author. The first people who gave me the opportunity were you.”

Similarly, a couple of years ago, Isabel Lascurain He had Gian Marco as a guest on the Neta Divinas program, where they sang together the song “Your photography”. But the last time she interviewed him was just five months ago for her YouTube channel, where they discussed her music career.

In this interview, the same Gian Marco revealed how long they’ve known each other. “When did I come here? When did we meet? In the year 97 right? Not there… well there. When we went to Mexico, we met and went to eat, Well, Mexico is a springboard for fame too, “she said recently.