Gian Piero Díaz and Renzo Schuller: what will they do in 2022 and why did they distance themselves?

Gian Piero Diaz and Renzo Schuller made up one of the most popular and beloved conduction pairs on Peruvian television; For this reason, when the fans distanced themselves, they were very sorry. Fortunately, despite having gone their separate ways, they are both doing quite well today. Here we tell you what they will do in 2022 and why they separated.

At the end of December, Gian Piero Díaz confirmed that he would not continue to host This is War in 2022. During the reality show finale, the presenter explained that he made this decision to be able to spend more time with his wife and children. “It is time to put aside my professional interests and put my family above,” said ‘Pipi’, without avoiding being moved to tears.

Later, Gian Piero announced that he will host a new program with Rossana Fernández Maldonado which will be transmitted through the Willax TV signal. According to a commercial, this space will be similar to Factory of dreams.

Renzo Schuller said goodbye to the leadership of America today shortly after the end of 2020 and since then he has stayed away from television. As detailed in his social networks, he would not be as a host in the América TV magazine in 2021 “for personal reasons.”

Finally, and after a long absence from the small screen, it was confirmed that Schuller will be one of the judges in the new season of Peru has talent along with Ricardo Morán, Mimy Succar (Tony Succar’s mother) and Gianella Neyra.

Gian Piero Díaz and Renzo Schuller remained very close throughout the duration of Combate. However, after the show came to an end and ‘Gianpipi’ was featured as the new jale of This is War in 2019, they did not show themselves together again.

Later, Schuller confirmed that his former partner never told him that he was going to host the America TV reality show with which they faced directly for several years.