Gianfranco Bustios is the winner of La Voz Kids by Daniela Darcourt: “¡Arriba Huanta!” [VIDEO]

Deserved award! Little Gianfranco Bustios won the affection of his audience for his talent and his love for his land of Ayacucho, Not only for showing his affection for Peruvian music, but for staying firm in his style, which is why he was crowned the absolute winner of this season of La Voz Kids alongside his coach Daniela Darcourt.

“The truth is, I have many mixed feelings … Inside me there are so many feelings for my son, I love how he sings and he knows that I love him, and the other boys are spectacular“were the words of the boy’s mother Gianfranco before knowing the final decision.

After long minutes of waiting and with the already known style of the Latina presenter, it was finally known that the little boy from HuantaProud of his customs and roots, he was the winner of the competition.

Peru decided, Peru tells someone to lift this trophy … Win the La Voz Kids 2021 competition, celebrate, celebrate Huanta, Ayacucho, Gianfranco! The Daniela Darcourt group, take it champion. Here’s your winner! Gentlemen with this image, with this champion we say thank you, thank you, celebrate Ayacucho “, were the emotional words of Cristian Rivero to the winner of The voice Kids.

Daniela Darcourt chooses Gianfranco ‘Tilín’ for the grand finale of La Voz Kids: “It is the next voice of Peru”

The La Voz Kids coach had the decision to choose between Gianfranco, Fiorella and Lucía to go to the final of the singing reality show. The chosen one surprised with his command of Quechua.

“Today you cried, your voice cried, your guitar cried, each of your strings accompanied each text you said … I am sure that all your people of Ayacucho are completely proud and happy that you bring to this important stage, such a wonderful genre… “.