Gigi Claims She TALKED To Ex-Outgoing John Kelvin VISITING HIM In Prison: “He Says You Haven’t Changed” [VIDEO]

It surprised everyone. The television host Gigi Miter was extremely blunt during the interview with the John Kelvin singer in the latest edition of love and fire, this Thursday, November 24. However, the presenter decided to tell of a moment that she lived with the former ex-convict.

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As is known, the cumbiambero was released from prison after more than a year of being imprisoned for physically assaulting his ex-wife Dalia Durán, but decided to speak for the first time in front of the cameras. However, it seems that he did not imagine that the driver would rebuke him about whether he had consumed alcohol in prison.

“You are lucky in everything (…) precisely that your victim has not been firm. (…) To your bad luck, one of his conquests from your time in prison approached me in a doctor’s office, recently And I’m not going to say the name, but just for your bad luck, it came to me. I don’t know her nor do I remember her name,” she said at the beginning.

“She approached me to tell me what your behavior was like in prison, so I asked you if you drank, if you have changed because she says no,” added the television host. Gigi Mitre.

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Gigi Miter affirmed LIVE that she does not feel sorry for John Kelvin

It was sent with everything! The television host Gigi Miter decided not to hide her annoyance during the interview with the cumbia singer John Kelvin. For this reason, the public figure did not hesitate to give him a sincere and hard message in his Amor y Fuego program.

“You have to put yourself on the side of the women, I mean, who is in front of someone who has been accused of being an abuser, so for me that is enough so that I don’t peel your corn. I don’t feel sorry for you,” he said in front of the television cameras.