Gigi Miter criticizes Melissa Paredes for joining MAM’s leadership: “It’s not smart”

This Tuesday, January 11, the Peruvian celebrity has set off the alarms after Melissa Paredes returned to driving, but this time not for America Television but now for Latin TV. In this regard, the controversial presenters of Amor y Fuego did not hesitate to comment.

As is known, the renowned Rodrigo González has been one of the figures who has criticized the actions of the Peruvian model the most. For this reason, this time he was not the exception and he attacked the program of Women in Command for introducing the former presenter after her ampay.

“She is famous because the crown was taken from her, because of the photos that came up, then because of her fights with Ignacio Baladán, terrible that ended in verbal and physical attacks. Then the scandal that happened with her husband and is now presented as a talent of Peruvian television, “he said at first.

Also, the well-known host Gigi Miter did not remain without an opinion about Melissa Paredes and made her remember the opportunities she has had in front of the small screen, but in the end she ends up making a mistake and losing her job.

“I think she has not been intelligent, because really her life, luck, the producers wanted her to be the protagonists of soap operas. Ah look, she makes people laugh, they reinvented themselves, they gave her the opportunity to drive and then they scrub her “, he sentenced.

Melissa says with ‘contempt’ that she does not know the Cat’s girlfriend but that she bought her desserts

He’s with those. Today, January 11, in the show program, Mujeres al Mando, Melissa Paredes appeared with everything and was sent with the real hints for friends and strangers. During the first part of the program, the former host of América Hoy said that she is now happy and was more than in love with Anthony Aranda, as she affirms that everything changed.

It should be remembered that yesterday, January 10, former partner of Ethel Pozo She argued that the dancer saved her in every possible way, as her love encouraged her to keep going despite the scandal.