Gigi Miter shocked by Mark Vito’s radical change: “Now he is empowered. Suddenly he enters EEG”

Mark Vito surprised locals and strangers by appearing on their networks with a totally renewed look and with a notable physical change. After separating from him Keiko Fujimori, the now athlete did not hesitate to turn on TikTok with impressive videos of his routines and next to Fabio Agostini. Before the new image of him, Gigi Miter couldn’t help but comment. What did she say?

In the recent edition of ‘Love and fire’, the drivers shared their point of view about the radical change of Mark Vito. “To think that he was about to become the first knight of our country and his highest aspirations were to become a warrior, it worries me, which we got rid of,” he began by saying. Rodrigo Gonzalez.

YOU CAN SEE: Mark Vito opens his first official Instagram account and shares high-voltage content with Fabio Agostini

For his part, Gigi Miter “He put his spoon in” and was in favor of his new look. “Outside of that, Mark Vito is reinventing himself. He has separated from Keiko, he wanted to change his physical appearance. They no longer see him as a ‘turkey’ (…) Now for Fabio Agostini,” he said. . after your comments‘Teddy’ He asked him why he called it that way.

“It was ‘turkey’, but now I see it empowered (…) They are well divorced. They are both fine ah. They are both regal, they have reinvented themselves. We don’t even know what happened there,” added the show host . However, she was very surprised by the new life of both parents.

“How strange that the two righteous ones change physically and so drastically at the same time,” he said at another time. “Suddenly he enters This is war (…) He likes it,” she said. Is it true that he will enter the ranks of the reality show America TeleviZion?

YOU CAN SEE: Mark Vito surprises with a radical change after ending his relationship with Keiko and sweeps TikTok

Magaly Medina and her unique reaction to seeing the physical change of Mark Vito

Through ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, the journalist Magaly Medina took the opportunity to comment on the surprising new image of Mark Vito, Keiko Fujimori’s ex-partner. In her nightly program, the “Urraca” was shocked and talked about the possibility of him doing shows with the ex-boy in reality Fabio Augustini.

“Don’t tell me that soon we are going to see Mark Vito doing shows with Fabio Agostini in discos,” he said at first. Then, he talked about his new life in the world of sports and everything that his separation from Keiko has brought.

“No, the only thing we were missing. How people change with a divorce, it seems that he had endured so many years and now he goes out into the world and feels like a lover, he has done all the exercises. […] He still poses, a disciple of Fabio Agostini,” added the redhead.