Gigi Miter SINCERE with John Kelvin: “I don’t feel sorry for you” [VIDEO]

During the interview on the show “Love and Fire”, host Gigi Miter had no qualms about telling John Kelvin what she feels. She affirmed that she does not feel sorry for him and she repeated it to him twice.

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After john kelvin I would ask Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter Being able to talk in an interview on the set, the host asked him to put himself in his role, since she is a woman and he is a sentenced aggressor.

“You have to put yourself on the side of the women, that is, I, who is facing someone who has been accused of being an abuser, so for me that is enough so that I do not peel your corn. I do not feel sorry for you,” was what he said. said Gigi Miter face to face John Kelvin.

Given this, john kelvin He narrowed: “Let’s be empathetic”, but Gigi Miter responded without mincing words: “I hope you have learned to be empathetic. Whether we like it or not, John Kelvin has given him freedom.”

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What did Rodrigo González say to John Kelvin?

After Gigi Miter I would tell john kelvin that he is not sorry, Rodrigo González made it clear that they are not the ones who should believe him, but that the viewers will draw their own conclusions when they hear it.

“If people believe you or stop believing, that depends on the people and what you answer,” was what he said. Rodrigo Gonzalez before john kelvin enter the set of the program “Love and Fire”.