Gigi Miter stones Josimar for taking her son from Gianella Ydoña: “Since she lost weight, she believes…”

Josimar He is in the eye of the storm after the serious complaint made by his ex-wife Gianella Ydoña, who accused him of having taken his youngest son, whom he has not seen for a long time and who he cannot communicate with. After knowing that situation, Gigi Miter He did not hesitate to throw tremendous ‘darts’ towards the salsa singer for denying a right to the mother of the family.

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In the recent edition of ‘Love and fire‘, Rodrigo González’s partner had no qualms about questioning the action taken by the Peruvian artist who lives in USA. Likewise, she made it clear that the artist’s behavior does not surprise her, because she would be doing what she wants.

“I don’t know what goes through the heads of some parents (…) and in this case Josimar, to try to remove or distance a child from one of its parents. Children need both their dad and their mom, even if they are separated, I don’t know why she has that attitude, “she said at first on her show program.

Then the TV host hinted that he already knows what he is doing and that, on the contrary, he should take advantage of the fact that Gianella and he are in the same country to enjoy time with his little one. “Hopefully he will reconsider and understand that the child cannot be taken away in this way. There has to be a control … they live in the same country, what better than that,” she said.

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What did Gigi Miter say about Josimar after taking his youngest son from Gianella Ydoña?

At another point in your program ‘Love and fire’, Gigi Miter continued to talk about the action taken by Josimar not to let his son see his mother Gianella Ydona. “She put the cutra into Migrations (…) all to the left, so stop her there, she is a mother who is desperate. You cannot take her son from her and neither can vice versa. It’s a pity, but Josimar no longer surprises me nothing,” he said next to Peluchín.

He also criticized his way of being and his background with his ex-partners. “Since he lost weight, he believes he is the last coke in the desert. He goes with the banner of everything I can do, I have a wife, then the other, I come back with another (…) now I’m taking your son away. How barbaric, it’s a It’s a pity that a mother has to go on television to say give me back my son, how strong, ”she added very indignantly.