Gigi questions John Kelvin about whether he has DRUNK ALCOHOL in prison: “We know what prisons are like” [VIDEO]

He questions it! In the last edition of love and firethis Thursday, November 24, there was a very tense moment as a result of the interview that John Kelvin gave LIVE after being released from jail after more than a year deprived of his freedom after assaulting his former sentimental partner Dahlia Duran.

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However, television hosts Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter they maintained a rather critical position when facing the cumbiambero, for this reason, they questioned him about the crime he committed against the mother of his children.

For her part, the presenter decided to ask John Kelvin about his time in jail and whether he consumed alcoholic beverages inside.

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Users criticize Amor y Fuego for an interview with John Kelvin

After the show program love and fire announce the exclusive interview with john kelvinthe users of social networks decided to raise their voices of protest to show their total rejection of the cumbiambero for appearing on television.

“Too bad they shouldn’t give that man a screen”, “Don’t give either of them a screen”, “Why are they going to give him more screen”, “He’s a stickler, what else is he going to say?”, ” How disgusting to be in front of that guy”, were some of the comments from the users.