Gilberto Santa Rosa after receiving Latin Grammy: “It marks my career in a unique way”

Excited. Gilberto Santa Rosa is very happy, after that in the recente Latin Grammy has won the Best Packaging Design for his discography “Colegas”.

The renowned salsa singer, who recently visited our country and stepped on the set of Esto es guerra, was recognized last Wednesday with the Award of Excellence as a tribute to his exceptional artistic career.

“Receiving the Award of Excellence was something very special and now this recognition of ‘Colegas’ marks my career in a unique way,” said Santa Rosa in a press release.

Gilberto santa rosa He did not hesitate to thank all the artists, including family members, who worked to make the album “Colegas” possible.

“The admiration I feel for all those who collaborated to make ‘Colegas’ possible, today takes on a greater nuance with this important recognition,” he said.

The Puerto Rican artist also congratulated his colleague Rubén Blades for the award for Best Salsa Album and all the nominated salseros.

Yahaira Plasencia proudly poses with Gilberto Santa Rosa: “How great”

The Peruvian sauce boat did not hesitate to take a picture with the “Caballero de la salsa” in concert.

“How great. My mother”, expressed Yahaira Plasencia while singing: “It is that in love I am an idiot, who has suffered a thousand defeats, that I do not have the strength to defend myself, but she almost always takes advantage …”.