Gino Arévalo resorts to selling juane with cecina: “Hurry up, little boys!”

Gino Arévalo is waiting to finalize his return to television. While he crosses his fingers that everything turns out in his favor and he can do what he loves most in life, which is entertain the public, the artist is not resting on his laurels. On the contrary, he shows that he is full of work and does everything to support his beloved family.

The comedic actor went through several programs throughout his long artistic career, and became known for playing ‘The Tacky’. A few weeks ago, he was selling ice cream at Ventanilla and, of course, disguised as his endearing character who gave a lot of joy. Today, Saturday, he shared with his fans that they taste his rich juane with cecina.

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On Facebook, Gino, with his wife Xiomara Daschel, promoted this venture that is going from strength to strength. “For today we have this delicious Juane with his chorizo, cecina and fried plantains or Juane can also come out alone with his fried plantain and his cocona chili,” he wrote in the publication. The former member of “Laughter in America” ​​revealed that he comes to the door of the house.

“Hurry up, now, darling, there are few left. Any questions about my wife’s numbers or mine. Then don’t say ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ The renowned comedian wants to be the pride of his daughters, so he will reopen his restaurant and finish his law degree. So soon we will see him as a lawyer.

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Gino Arévalo hopes to return to the small screen

the comic actor Gino Arevalo talked with Ernesto Pimentel to join the cast of the program ‘El Reventonazo de la Chola’. “He told me that he esteems me a lot, that he appreciates me, and well, not at the moment (about work), but he has not ruled out that he could return to his space at any time,” he told the press.

In this sense, he said that he is waiting for the opportunity to return through the front door, but he recognizes that it does not last forever. “Television is ungrateful, it is not perpetual, I thought it was like that, we had everything at hand, but we have to step on the ground, television will not last forever,” said the father of the family who does not lose hope of shining in TV as in its good times.