Gino Assereto and his reaction when told that Jazmín Pinedo’s lover looks like him: “I’m calm”

Gino Assereto, the current reality boy who was featured in This is war This January 18, he was approached by a reporter from “Amor y Fuego”, asking him about Jazmín Pinedo’s current relationship with the Uruguayan Pedro Araujo.

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Gino Assereto He was kind enough to respond to the “Love and Fire” reporter and said that he could not answer, because he is in “This is War”, not that he is not allowed. “I can’t be serious, I really hope everyone is happy. I send my regards to Rodrigo and Gigi, they will understand me,” was the first thing she said.

But, the “Love and Fire” reporter asked Gino Assereto what do you think Pedro Araujo, the Uruguayan, looks like him, according to his followers. At this, the Peruvian smiled and added: “Just nothing else, always the best for everyone. Don’t do that to me, I can’t talk, please.”

Before leaving, Gigo Assereto He stated that he is fine today and hopes to talk about it at some point, however, currently he cannot. “I’m calm,” added the reality boy, who the day before said that he wished the mother of his daughter the best.

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What does Gino Assereto think about Jazmín Pinedo’s current relationship?

the reality boy Gino Assereto assured that he supports the current relationship of Jasmine Pinedo with the Uruguayan Pedro Araujo. He assured in “This is War” that he no longer loves the television host, however, he acknowledged that she was part of her life and of a very beautiful stage.

“To love is to see the person happy, to see her smile, to see her follow her path, to fall in love again, to be excited again and I will always have nice words for her because she was part of an experience that I have had in this life which I loved”, replied Gino Assereto on EEG.