Gino Assereto announces that his eldest daughter would apply for Miss Peru?: “She is a beautiful lady”

In recent days, the reality boy Gino Assereto has been causing people to talk about his love life, and the speculation that exists around his sexuality. However, he now decides to ignore all these comments, and focus on the future of his daughter Ariana, who could become a Miss Peru contestant, thus making herself known.

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Before the latest edition of Más Espectáculos, this Wednesday, January 25, the popular “Shark” told that his eldest daughter recorded her latest music video and is about to move to Lima, joking that she will even give him a job.

“My eldest daughter made the video for me, she edited me nicely, she recorded me that night. She loved the lyrics, she is fascinated, she told me: ‘Dad, let me record you’, I also showed Khaleesi. I told her ‘Daughter, the Next year you are going to come to Lima, you are going to come here and I am going to pay you to be my feedmaker, so that you are there taking my photos”

In addition, Gino Assereto He was proud of his daughter Ariana, and responded by questioning whether the minor would be the successor to Alessia Rovegno. “She is a beautiful, precious lady, I love her, she adores her, she has a beautiful heart,” he said. Jazmín Pinedo’s ex-partner.

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Gino Assereto reflects on his daughter

After these words, Gino Assereto He reflected on his relationship with his daughter, and was happy. “(He has) his mistakes like anyone, there we both go along the way, making mistakes. Sometimes I make mistakes and my daughter makes me see them, she tells me: ‘Dad, don’t you think you can handle this in another way? way?'” he said.

“I tell him: ‘Do you realize why I don’t want to be your example? I don’t want to be your example, because I make mistakes, what I want is to go with you hand in hand on the road, and manage the two of us, “he added Jazmín Pinedo’s ex-partner.