Gino Assereto avoided a hug from Jazmín Pinedo during the EEG final award ceremony

This is war had its great season finale on the night of December 21. The ‘warriors’ took the cup after beating the ‘combatants’ and, before the end of the program, Jazmín Pinedo was in charge of giving recognition to each member of his team.

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“Thank you Alejandra, thank you ‘warriors’. It really is impossible not to get excited, Alejandra you are the best. Well played, well fought until the end”, commented the popular ‘Chinita’ as the participants approached her.

The television presenter gave the champions medal to Hugo Garcia, Dove Fiuza Y Michelle Soifermany of them did not hesitate to hug the former model effusively after obtaining a new title.

Likewise, when it was the turn of Gino Assereto, Jasmine Pinedo He could not hug his daughter’s father, because in the images it can be seen that the popular “Shark” only receives the medal and immediately leaves.

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For her part, the driver of This is war he only manages to caress his ex-partner’s face while he puts the medal on his neck.

Jazmín Pinedo reflects on her year leading EEG

Jazmín Pinedo has been directing Esto es guerra for almost a year now, and she took advantage of a recent interview to reflect on this chapter in her professional life.

“No matter what happens, it has been a wonderful opportunity for me, I am super grateful for everything that happens to me in life. I always say that God has been very good to me. To have had the opportunity to have been a ‘warrior’ and now to have the opportunity to be in the driving for me is amazing,” he said.

Jazmín Pinedo full of praise at the time of Gino Assereto

Jasmine Pinedo surprised to say that Gino Assereto He cooked various Chiclayo dishes for his daughter as a way to celebrate, and filled with praise at the time.

“Khalee asked her dad to prepare a delicious rice with chicken, and as a good Chiclayo, it turns out great. She cooks well, and we have eaten a good meal, with her little egg and more,” said the host.

Gino Assereto reveals if he will spend Christmas with Jazmín Pinedo

they consulted Gino Assereto how would the christmas 2020 in the face of the pandemic and he revealed that he does not know what he will do at midnight on December 24, since he is more focused on his youngest daughter’s birthday.

Also, the reality boy told you are in all that he has no plans to travel abroad or to any region of Peru: “The only thing I know is that I am going to stay in Lima, I am not going to travel,” thus avoiding mentioning his ex-partner Jazmín Pinedo.

Fernando Armas jokes to Jazmín Pinedo about Gino Assereto: “There is a shark circling”

The Peruvian comedian Fernando Armas took the opportunity to prank the host of Esto es guerra by assuring that he would have received a curious nickname for his ex-partner Gino Asseretowho is known as the ‘Shark’.

“Do you know how they have called China? They have shipwrecked it because there is a shark circling there,” he said. the comedian causing her own laughter Jasmine Pinedo.

Gino Assereto makes a tender publication with his daughter and their new pets

Some days ago, Gino Assereto also caused tenderness with his daughter Khaleesi in their social networks by being happy with their new pets. Through Instagram, the former partner of Jazmín Pinedo made an emotional publication showing their puppies.

“Sunday of Los Asseretos and the TOY #blessed” wrote the member of EEG in the description of his publication on this platform.

Jazmín Pinedo reveals that the break with Gino Assereto was not easy

Through questions in your account instagram, Jasmine Pinedo He answered several questions that his followers asked him, including one about love breakups.

“It wasn’t easy… I just did my best and that’s what I always try in general. I don’t demand or judge myself. I listen to my heart, but never let go of my head. Also, I have a lot of patience, no change or process occurs in a short time… Everyone’s struggle is different and only one knows it, ”he said.

Gino Assereto reflects: “I am a product of the farce I lived through”

Gino Assereto He used his social networks after his break with Jasmine Pinedo and wrote a reflection. “I am a product of the farce that I lived through. My personality is nothing more than the ignorance I acquired. Since I was a child, they educated me with punishments and so as not to suffer: I began to lie, in order to survive, ”she said.

“I did not know what I was getting into, and the problems that I was building. Teach your children to make their mistakes. Help them with the truth from childhood so that they grow up dreamers, break the chains and patterns that drag for generations, ”she added.

Gino Assereto’s followers worry about his health after a mysterious message

Gino Assereto worried his followers by posting a mysterious message on Instagram. “I am a product of the farce that I lived through. My personality is nothing more than the ignorance I acquired. Since I was a child, they educated me with punishments and not to suffer: I began to lie, in order to survive, ”was what he said to her.

Upon reading these words, her fans quickly flocked to show her support. They reminded him Gino Assereto how much they appreciate him and recognized his effort. “Don’t say that please. Today you are a great person because your sacrifice cost you,” said a netizen.

Jazmín Pinedo, Gino Assereto and their little girl would spend Christmas together

The television host Jazmín Pinedo and the reality boy Gino Assereto would let the magic of Christmas into the life of their little Khaleesi, with an emotional and family dinner on ‘Nochebuena’.

Jazmín Pinedo after the victory of the ‘Guerreros’ in EEG: “I adore this team”

The Host Jasmine Pinedo used his Instagram account to express his appreciation for the Los Angeles team in a sentimental message ‘Warriors’ after his triumph in EEG. She even shared a photograph next to the appreciated glass.

It is impossible to hide my emotion, I adore this team and I am too happy for everything that was achieved this very complicated year! Being able to have the opportunity to lead a team that opened its arms to me so many years ago has been amazing!” he read.

Jazmín Pinedo and Gino Assereto spent Christmas together for their daughter Khaleesi

Jasmine Pinedo and Gino Assereto were united by Christmas to give a surprise to his daughter Khaleesi, who looked very happy in social networks when receiving gifts on Christmas Eve. The little girl’s parents shared an unforgettable night eating a nice juicy turkey and panettone.