Gino Assereto breaks and apologizes to Chevy: “I made a mistake and I promise not to do it again”

With a broken voice, Gino Assereto showed his face on television after the racist comment against his partner Yojhan Escamilo Cartagenabetter known as ‘Chevy’. The ‘Shark’ apologized on the program ‘Send who sends’, and acknowledged that he made a “mistake”, which he promised would not happen again.

The last Tuesday, May 23, in ‘This is war’, Jazmín Pinedo’s ex-partner starred in a tense moment when comparing him to an animal, as part of a guessing game. “You, you. They tell you, “he said, to which his partner replied confused:”chevy?’. “But they don’t call me that!” added the young dancer.

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This afternoon, Thursday May 25, Gino Assereto and ‘Chevy’ They arrived on the set of ‘MQM’ after the statement sent by ProTV, in which they apologized on behalf of the program, assuring that we “reject” any act of discrimination. The brother of Jack Benz He made a mea culpa after realizing that he ‘screwed up’ LIVE.

Very nervous, and almost on the verge of tears, gino He stated that he accepts and acknowledges his mistake. “There is no justification for the stupidity that I committed. I feel ashamed, I made a mistake that I did not measure. After two seconds I realized, I approached ‘Chevy’ and apologized for the case. I feel sorry for that, I didn’t have a bad intention. It was a mistake that I promise will never happen again.”

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‘Chevy’ Yojhan Escamilo is proud to be Afro-Peruvian: “I would be again”

‘Chevy’, he put aside his laughter and in a serious tone, talked about this moment that he starred in ‘EEG’, along with Gino Assereto. He accepted that the producer talked with them about this impasse and made “Jaws” acknowledge, that said comment was not correct in the tuned reality competition.

In this sense, he expressed his solidarity with all the people who felt affected. “To all the organizations too. In truth, being Afro-Peruvian is something very beautiful and if they would ask me or tell me if I’m happy, well, I would say give me seven more lives and I would choose to be Afro-Peruvian again,” said the reality boy in ” MQM’.

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Ministry of Culture rejects racist act content in EEG

He culture Ministry He used his social networks to speak out about the unfortunate discriminatory comment that was recorded in the program This is war.

“According to the provisions of the Radio and Television Law (Law 28278), from the Ministry of Culture we will activate the self-regulation mechanism of the National Radio and Television Society (SNRT), in order to correct, sanction and prevent the reproduction of new content that disseminates and normalizes acts of discrimination based on physical features, way of speaking or clothing, under the excuse of a simple joke,” the statement read.

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What did the statement from the producer of Esto es Guerra say about the unacceptable event?

The Pro TV statement offered an apology after the unacceptable event that occurred in one of the competition reality games of Esto es Guerra.

“At Producciones Pro TV we respect and value the richness of our diversity, which is why we deeply regret the events that occurred in our program on May 23, 2023 within the sequence ‘Guess it with one of our participants. We offer our sincere apologies to all our viewing audience”, the statement stated at the beginning.