Gino Assereto cares about his daughter’s well-being and teaches her to ride a bicycle

Watch your daughter grow up! The model Gino Assereto was on everyone’s lips, after his ex-partner Jazmín Pinedo told details about him as a boyfriend.

The former reality boy has not responded to any statement from his ex-partner, on the contrary, he worries about the well-being of the daughter that they both have in common.

The former ‘Guerrero’ used his Instagram account to reveal in photos how his daughter was learning little by little to balance on her bicycle with the help of him.

Guiding you from consciousness! Thanks for choosing me. Today he made the decision to learn to ride on two wheels, “said the new singer.

As expected, Jota Benz and Jasmine Pinedo They did not hesitate to comment on the photograph: “It was time to remove the love handles” and “Hahahahaha, her face in the last photo!”

Remember that Jasmine Pinedo She confessed that Gino Assereto left her on New Years.

Gino Assereto gives his daughter a tremendous gift for Christmas and Jazmín Pinedo is SHOCK

The television host used her social networks to share the happiness of her daughter Kheleesi after receiving an expensive gift from her father.

Jasmine Pinedo showed that Gino Assereto gave her daughter a total new iPad. “That is, and year will I be able to enter your new Ipad? … Now that you have your new Ipad you are going to chot me,” said the ‘chinita’.