Gino Assereto conquers his fears and takes a parachute ride [VIDEO]

Overcome your fears. The Gino Assereto model is a boy of challenges, it is just what he proposed for this 2022 to leave his fears behind and dare.

The former competitor of This is War, who is dedicated to raising his daughter, confessed that he had a parachute trip through the sky of Lima.

“Today I put ACTION on one of my fears and the experience was very magical,” he commented. Gino Assereto publishing the photos of his journey.

As expected, the publication of the new singer received many comments: “Incredible”, “I knew you would make it”, “A great adventure”.

In the stories of Gino Assereto images can be seen from the sky of Lima, even when it lands.

Let’s remember that in recent weeks, Jazmín Pineda confessed some secrets of her past relationship with the popular ‘Jaws’.

Gino Assereto reveals that he is not jealous of his daughter: “If she likes a friend, I will support her”

The former reality boy revealed in Everyone’s Mouth that he has a very close relationship with his daughter.

“I am a father who will always advise, guide and guide his daughter. If at some point, because it is something very normal, my daughter has a liking for a little friend or something. She can come over to talk to me … I’ll go advise. I will always support my daughter, “he assured live.