Gino Assereto does not answer about his sexual orientation, but he does about his new theme: “She is beautiful”

The reality boy Gino Assereto was approached by a journalist from “Love and Fire” to ask him about his sexual orientation, after he released his new song where he would tell everything he experienced in the year 2022.

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Gino Assereto He did not want to answer whether he has a different sexual orientation, noting that he cannot speak because he has a contract with “Esto Es Guerra”. “I would love to talk to you, but you know you can’t. I can’t talk. I would like to be able to express myself more openly,” said Jazmín Pinedo’s ex-partner.

But while I couldn’t talk about this topic, Gino Assereto he did reply on his new topic. “It’s beautiful. See it on my Instagram and enjoy it. Listen to it, it’s on my social networks. I’m telling you out of respect and I hope you understand. Everything is respected,” added the reality boy, who is showing what speak.

Who has come out to defend Gino Assereto It has been his ex-partner Jazmín Pinedo, who on television stated that it is a subject that no one has the right to speculate on and that only interests him and his family. In addition to emphasizing that she is there to support him, despite the fact that they are no longer a couple.

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Gino Assreto releases new song

Gino Assereto He recently released his new song, which he was promoting for a few days ago. The premiere of her new song occurred on January 24 through her social networks.

“Thank you for everything perfect that you made me live in 2022, I always tell you that I am a walker of life in search of success, which for me means full happiness and inner peace, which is why we are in this world…. I love my process,” she wrote Gino Assereto.