Gino Assereto had an emotional reunion with his mother after 5 years and his daughter celebrated: “The titi arrived!”

An emotional moment. Gino Assereto is on everyone’s lips after Jazmín Pinedo assured that he abandoned her on New Year’s Eve, but now he left everything behind to star in a moving moment with his mother after five years.

In his social networks, the popular ‘Tiburon’ announced that his mother came to Lima for the first time after many years living in Canada, as Jazmín Pinedo had already evidenced days ago.

In the stories of his official Instagram account, Gino Assereto He showed how he went to pick up his mother at the Jorge Chávez airport, and they shared a very emotional hug.

However, that was not all, as Jazmín Pinedo joined in the excitement for this arrival, as she shared images of her daughter Khaleesi, very happy to have her grandmother with her again. “The titi arrived!”, Said the little girl.

In the images, you can see the minor even refusing to sit down since she had been waiting for her father’s mother Gino Assereto for a long time at the door, until he could finally see her.

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