Gino Assereto hits ‘Giselo’ in the face with EEG props: “Now we see his true attitude”

Edson Davila had arrived at the set of ‘This is war‘ to spend a fun time talking with the members of the América TV reality show. However, she would not expect that he would receive a blow from Gino Asseretowhich at a certain moment came up to throw the place where it was ‘Giselo‘ a box that hit his head. Why did Gino ‘assault’ the driver of america today?

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“We are seeing Gino’s attitudes, his true personality. Regrettable (how he has behaved) today,” said the presenter of América Hoy, Edson Dávila, when he was struck by a box thrown by the father of Jazmín’s daughter Pinedo.

The reason why Gino would have hit Giselo could be because he was trying to get statements from Mario Irivarren, and when he asked for a time, he was waiting for the right moment to talk to him. Staying during the EEG transmissions would have been enough for the singer to approach, apparently without bad intentions, and throw the object at the dancer.

Giselo had not come alone, since Janet Barboza He was also within the facilities of the competition program, but he did not have the same reception as his partner. The businesswoman commented that she felt a lot of kindness from the young “warriors” and also from the drivers johanna san michael Y Renzo Schuller.

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How is the relationship between Gino and Giselo?

The television host and the reality boy had their moment of friction on another occasion, when the latter was invited to the set of “América Hoy” and they gave him a detail knowing his career as a singer.

It all happened when Giselo dared to interpret a song by Gino Assereto. “Sing cumbia with Christian (Domínguez)”, was the furious response of the participant of This is war.