Gino Assereto retracts and will no longer pay Jazmín Pinedo a ticket to see her boyfriend: “She earns more than me”

Gino Assereto had a friendly meeting with Jazmín Pinedo in the program ‘This is war’, where they did not hesitate to mention the new boyfriend of the exchica reality, Pedro Araujo. Although many have pointed out that the ‘Shark’ Assereto He could be jealous, he completely denied it and pointed out that he is capable of even buying the ticket for him to go see him, but behind the scenes he backed down.

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Who was the first to comment on the proposed Gino Asseretoit was his ex-partner Jasmine Pinedo, who initially indicated that he took the reality boy’s proposal very seriously. Also, he denied that his new boyfriend looks like him. ‘Shark’.

“I know that he doesn’t do it in a bad way, but that he is a bit ‘chacote’ with the situation and I know that he respects my partner as well as me too. We play like that, we always get annoyed,” said the ‘China’, then the reporter questioned the resemblance, to which he replied, “I already told him that he is more handsome.” She finally she talked about the tickets that she averaged him gino: “We have all witnessed that Gino is going to give me my ticket for Mother’s Day, so I will take it seriously. He does not have to give me anything, it is part of the show for people to enjoy, but we have a good relationship as parents “said the model.

After, Assereto was another of the people to comment on the new relationship of Jasmine Pinedo, whom he wished all the happiness in the world for having fallen in love again. But, she denied that she is going to buy the plane ticket for her to go see her new love, also, she denied that she looks like Pedro Araujo.

“Her boyfriend doesn’t look like me at all, China says he’s more handsome and younger, for many he doesn’t look like me either,” said the member of “Esto es Guerra” at the beginning. Later, when they questioned her about the ticket that she said she would give to her ex-partner, she replied as follows: “No, what am I going to give her, she earns more than me, she has worked here for more years,” she said Gino Assereto.

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Gino Assereto talks about the chain that Jazmín Pinedo gave him

One of the things that has been discussed was the subject of the chain that Jasmine gave to Gino Assereto and, that he was wearing on the show ‘This is war’. According to the famous ‘Jaws’, despite the fact that he ended their relationship, he still has several memories of the ‘Chinita’.

“China gave me the chain, and I love it, I wouldn’t have to take it off, but it’s okay, that’s clear, at this point in the game things are super clear,” said Gino Assereto.