Gino clarified what they speculate about him with a new theme: “I have a song called ‘Saliendo del Closet'”

The singer and reality boy Gino Assereto He spoke after the questions that returned to flutter about his sexual orientation. The member of ‘This is war‘ spoke to a reporter from ‘America TV‘ and told what recently Jasmine Pinedo He flatly denied in his show program. Some time ago “China” decided to defend the father of his daughter and supported him by being asked again if he is gay or not. Faced with this, ‘El Tiburón’ by EEG indicated that he has a theme that people who want to know the truth about him should listen to.

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“I have a song called: ‘Coming out of the Closet'”, expressed Gino Assereto when he was consulted for the cameras of more showsa program hosted by his ex-partner, Jazmín Pinedo.

Assereto He was not upset because they kept insisting on the issue, rather, the brother of Jack Benz he commented that he would not have to hide if he were gay. In addition, he pointed out that it has nothing to do with the fact that he wants to show himself in a certain way and if he does not do it in a vulgar way or affecting another person, there would be nothing wrong with it.

Faced with people who think that he is not being completely honest and still believe that he is hiding something from people, he said that he respects the various comments, and that he does not delete the messages he receives on his networks, he only ignores those that seek to attack him.

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Jasmine defended him

Despite the fact that they are no longer a couple and Jazmín Pinedo chose to give love a chance again with her Uruguayan Pedro Araujo, the TV host does not hesitate to defend the father of her little Khaleesi.

Live, “Chinita” commented that there is nothing to ask about Gino’s orientation that he has not answered both on his networks and in front of the América TV cameras.