Giovanna Valcárcel ‘faints’ because Melissa Paredes does not know what sign is her ‘Activator’

Uyuyuy. A few days ago the new panelist from Women in Command, Melissa Paredes, shouted his love with Anthony Aranda to the seven winds, so many would believe that they know each other in every way.

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So the driver thought Giovanna valcarcel, who during a sequence next to Robotín and Robotina where their secrets were asked, he was encouraged to consult Meli.

When the couple got the zodiacal signs of each one right, everyone was surprised, because their love almost ended, despite this, they did not miss a single one and they felt very happy.

On the other hand, when Giovanna asked the former host of America Today about the sign of his’Activator Kitten‘, she could not answer, what’s more, she prevented the question from being pursued and she was ashamed of herself.

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This caused the ‘faint’ of Giovanna who jokingly could not believe that Meli, who swears to be in love to the bone, does not know such a simple detail, so she left her partner super red. Could it be because they just started their relationship?

Does Melissa Paredes believe in love after separation?

After this resurgence of love, Melissa Paredes saw them more excited than ever and launched into the phrase that we mentioned at the beginning of this note, which is the following: “After a separation sometimes love is strengthened.”

These words caused the tremor on the television set, as they asked if that case could occur between her and Rodrigo Cuba, her ex-partner, despite the idea, Meli said bluntly that it was not her case, but that sometimes it happens.