Giovanna Valcárcel: “I was not born to be a mother”

The animator Giovanna Valcárcel ruled out returning to the small screen, at least for now, she prefers to keep her sentimental life low-key and focused on her role as host of the Destape Salsero program on Radiomar. Morning space where she found in the housewives and carriers the captive audience that now follows the green-eyed three years ago.

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“I have been in charge of the program for more than two years, which runs from six to nine in the morning. It is a time when women listen to me more, housewives, not only people who are on the bus going to work, hardworking people who move the country forward “he indicated.

Sentimentally, the green-eyed woman says she is happy and content, she does not want to make mistakes from the past and today she takes care of her privacy, not exposing it on social networks, as is the case with other characters in the artistic field.

“I have gone through all the stages, I prefer my private life to remain that way, private. I am happy, I am calm, I have something for myself, I am surrounded by people who want to walk the same path where I want to go”, Indian.

The also actress ruled out having thought of being a mother, she assures that the instinct to bring a child into this world never emerged in her. Of course, she admits to being very patient and pampering five nephews a lot.

“The desire to have a child has not been born in me, what is more, I am learning to take care of myself, I do not know if I could take care of a child. I don’t think I’m a bad mother, but I love being independent, traveling and going out, I don’t know if I could do it with a child. I don’t call it selfishness, although there are people who are dying to be a mom, just as there are people who are dying to dress in white and get married, not me. I wasn’t born for that.” sentenced.

Giovanna Valcárcel drives Uncover salsa from Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 am. in the booths of Radiomar, a program that has been on the air for three years.

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